How to update your kitchen on a budget

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  • Redesign your kitchen without breaking the bank - simply follow our top tips and save money

    Consider a facelift

    If the basic layout of your kitchen is sound, you can make a dramatic difference to the look by updating a few key elements.

    * Replacing an old laminate worktop for a new granite one, for example, will have a huge impact. You can also refresh tiled splashbacks by painting them with special tile paint.

    * If you have solid-wood cabinets, sanding them down and repainting them is a quick and easy way of achieving a striking new look at a fraction of the cost. Even small touches, such as replacing old-fashioned cabinet handles with new ones will make a difference.

    * If you don’t think there’s anything from your old kitchen worth saving, then make sure you spend your money in the right places. You can use budget cabinet carcasses with more expensive doors, and consider installing a budget sink and spending the cash on more luxurious worktop instead.

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