Keep that holiday feel alive with these top ideas

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  • Tips and tricks for creating the perfect vacation feeling at home

    Moroccan Market

    Bring back that bazaar feel with a selection of brightly coloured crockery and accessories. These colourful cups, saucers and tea pot are too good to be hidden away in a cupboard and perfectly reflect the busy nature of an exotic market. We particularly love these hand-painted designs which add to the beauty. Collect the real thing when you’re holidaying abroad and be sure to display on your return, but if you want the look without the trip then check out BHS, which has plenty of gorgeous designs to choose from!

    Beside the sea

    Create the perfect costal scheme with a wash of blue for the walls and accessories. This look will never tire and looks absolutely fantastic in a lounge with a striking backdrop and plenty of themed accessories. Red ticking, anchors and rope knots elevates the look to create a sailor and ship feel, taking that seaside finish even further.

    Asian ways

    Clean lines and sleek surfaces brings an Oriental feel to the space. Great in bathrooms you can easily emulate that feng shui feeling. Add some natural pussy willow, bamboo or orchids to the room to add life and texture, and keep furnishings low to the floor. If you can deep set the bath, even better, but if not a shallow wash stand will do the trick. Keep the colour scheme neutral and tie in with some natural accessories in wood and stone.

    Map it out

    Nothing says holiday more than displaying your favoruite destinations in the form of maps. Pasted to the wall, they create a striking display that is a great alternative to wallpaper. Collect vintage maps for an antique touch, or buy modern re-prints; there are plenty of wrapping paper varieties available that look the part and are probably a lot cheaper, too. Just paste the wall, affix and you’ll have a destination feature in no time. Keep a record – and make it fun for kids – by marking the countries you have visited.

    Cosy cabin

    When we holiday we like to escape and nothing beats a stay in an isolated log cabin for getting away from it all. Recreate that peaceful boltholt feeling in your own bedroom with plenty of natural finishes and faux-fur throws. Bring in some pine cones and fir to create a forest look and add chunky knits for added texture. Hunker down here and you’ll never dream of jetting off to the Canadian wilderness again! These gorgeous accessories are from George Home.

    Forest feeling

    Don’t overlook the beauty of holidaying at home, for good ol’ Blightly offers just as much to explore and discover as the next place. We may not have the benefits of year-round sunshine, but we do have beautiful forests and green space to adventure in. When away, collect leaves and foliage from the woodland and on your return home give relief printing a try. It’s inexpensive to do, and in moments can turn a plain kitchen runner and napkins into a stylish table setting – perfect for capturing the wonderful memories of a recent camping trip.

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