These beautiful London mews will take your breath away

Instagram account @mewsingsldn finds ‘pockets of paradise’ around the city. Here are a few of our favourites

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life? Take five and enjoy a nosey around the most charming and beautiful mews in London – yes, this is ultimate property porn, courtesy of Instagram account @mewsingsldn.

Emma Geary, who runs @mewsingldn set up the account in 2015. She now shares breathtakingly beautiful photos of charming mews in and around London, and has racked up an impressive 13,000 followers.

‘I moved into an absolutely divine mews house on Eton Garages in Belsize Park in the summer of last year, and my girlfriends and I wanted to plant climbers to trail the trellis and pots collected around the cobbles below the windows,’ says Emma.

‘We were looking for inspiration on Instagram, and there were so many mews scattered but nowhere in particular which aggregated the best of the best, so I thought to create #mewsings as a little escapist distraction. Everyone loves a niche, and a pun, so it caught the community’s imagination.

‘This powder pink façade in St Luke’s Mews in Notting Hill (pictured below) is a perennial favourite, and has become something of an icon amongst mews lovers. Not only is it exceptionally beautiful and quaint, but it was home to Keira Knightley’s character in Love Actually and it’s the very threshold over which her husband’s best friend declared his love (the ‘to me, you are perfect’) scene.

‘It’s become a romantic destination and people visit the world over – a couple even got engaged in front of it earlier in the year.

‘The joy of a mews is that it makes the sprawling city feel like a series of very English little villages strung together – a mews can transport you from the Euston Road to the Yorkshire countryside in a way that feels very Alice Through the Looking Glass, or Narnia.’

We’ve selected a few of our favourite mews from the account – which home is number one for you?

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