Maximising your space with bespoke carpentry

No space should be wasted; bespoke carpentry will maximise your potential to fill nooks and crannies with functionality

The word bespoke is very alluring – what could be better than something made entirely with us in mind, crafted to our ridges and curves? Built-in furniture commissioned rather than off the shelf might feel outrageously extravagant, but in fact, when it comes to carpentry, it will undoubtedly be money well spent and may also add value to your home. Bespoke carpentry can do wonders for your space making use of alcoves with shelves, built-in wardrobes, cupboard units and banquet seating.
With a bit of imagination awkward spaces can be transformed, radiators can be artfully hidden and TVs neatly perched.

Here are some great examples of the wonders of bespoke carpentry to inspire you.

This double height library makes a feature of the main staircase. Wrapped in oak bookshelves designed by Platform 5 Architects, lighting has also been incorporated into the carpentry to add that extra dazzle.

The shelves either side of this fireplace are extra deep to sit flush with the chimney breast for a look that balances contemporary and classic appeal. The carpentry links the usage of the two rooms, making the drawing room an overflow library.

A bespoke design is the perfect solution with an awkward shape or architectural features. This study library by Neville Johnson has been configured to enhance the exposed beams and loft level.

Make the most of a wide staircase by building in book storage on one or both sides. It can also double as shelving for decorative objects.

There’s no better use of an awkward under stairs nook than alcove seat and bookshelves. Here one canny homeowner has added wine storage into the mix.

A very awkward nook has been made into a charming window seat. With a hinged lid, this seat can also act as a storage chest.

Expert tips:

  • Get a least three quotes before settling on a tradesman – Don’t be taken aback by the price;
    bespoke carpentry is expensive but it should also last for life.
  • Make your brief very clear. Have several similar images to what you visualize to show your tradesman.
  • Always use a tradesman who comes by recommendation – be it from a friend or a trustworthy forum.

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