Need to know: crittall windows

The UK's obsession with crittall windows shows no sign of abating

Q: What’s black, timeless, super-chic and shows no sign of waning in popularity?

A: Steel-framed windows – or to give them their proper name – crittall windows.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last ten years the chances are you’ll have seen these windows a lot. They’re steadfastly sinking into the national interiors and design psyche and have become a huge draw for home buyers thirsty for considered and stylish dwellings.

So what’s the story with crittall and when did it first immerge?

Crittall windows were first manufactured in the UK in 1889. Taking their name from company founder, Francis Berrington Crittall, these steel-framed windows were made in Essex where the company is still based today. Crittall windows have been associated with Art Deco and Modernist movements in early 20th century architecture and many notable buildings across the UK, including the Houses of Parliament and Tower of London. The company’s windows were also installed in buildings in North America and Europe.

The windows are suitable for both modern and historic builds with suppliers offering double glazing and multi point locking. Suitable for both internal and external use, crittall is a brilliantly versatile window choice that is here to stay.

Here are some fabulous examples of the crittall window in situ…

Floor to ceiling, the back wall of this kitchen has been replaced with crittall windows, filling the room with light and offering a full view of the back garden.

Here used in an interior window and door, crittall has been masterly paired with white tiles.

Crittall has, in some properties, come to replace internal walls entirely for more of a sense of free flowing space and fluid living.

Crittall panes are unrestricted and can be totally customised for size. Here a rectangular pane has been favoured for an internal window.

Used here in a more traditional setting, crittall works perfectly with the masonry of this French Abbey dwelling.

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