Plan your ideal kitchen

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  • How to make the kitchen of your dreams a reality and avoid any costly mistakes

    Fitting and finishing

    The awkward corners and practicalities

    Units are rarely a snug fit to the walls, so maximise your kitchen’s potential by filling the gaps with slim wine racks or using the space to store trays and chopping boards. In some areas it also pays to have a little extra space. If your washing machine is tight against units either side and it needs to come out for repair, it will be something of a challenge. Just an inch either side makes all the difference.

    The appliances

    If you’re buying your own appliances, make sure you shop around as you can make huge savings by buying online. Also don’t be seduced into buying appliances you simply don’t have room for. American-style fridge-freezers are high on most people’s wish lists, but make sure you have enough room to open both doors back fully. For this reason, never plan to try to fit one in a corner.

    The fitting

    Most kitchens take four or five days to fit even when the professionals are doing it. That’s why it’s advisable to move in with friends or family for the duration if you can. If you can’t do that, set up a temporary kitchen in another room and live off your microwave. Ideally, replace your kitchen in the summer when you can make use of the barbeque.

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