How to choose replacement windows

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    Costs and installation

    When it comes to estimating the cost, it’s difficult to compare like with like, as windows are very often custom made. However, if your choice of style and material is completely governed by price, uVPC windows may be a temptation as they can work out a third of the price of steel windows, for example. If you need to replace sash windows, just one brand- new two-over-two (four panes) Victorian-style timber-framed sash will set you back more than £1,000 but, if you just repair rather than replace, you can make significant savings.

    Choosing an installer
    It’s best to leave the installation to the supplier or one contracted by the manufacturer. Check that the brief includes “making good” (repairing any damage caused to the surrounding area by fitting). You can find local suppliers on the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme website (, membership of which allows installers to issue a certificate of compliance on the thermal performance standards of the windows. There is also a surprisingly high number of small specialists with a nationwide reach. Look, too, at the websites of trade institutions, such as the Steel Window Association. From order to installation, a project can normally be carried out within six weeks.

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