Save money with your own solar energy

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  • E.ON customers can now get solar powered for a one-off cost of £99

    Have you ever wanted to make your home more energy efficient but been put off by the cost of installing solar panels or other renewable energy sources?

    Now, thanks to E.ON, producing your own energy through solar power is affordable and easier than ever before. With its SolarExchange scheme, eligible E.ON customers can reap the benefits of generating energy for a one-off payment of just £99, by renting out their roof.

    The first step is to see if your home is suitable for panels – there are a number of requirements that your roof must meet. If your home is suitable then your roof would be leased for just over 25 years, giving you the benefits of saving on your energy bill for that entire period.

    Installation typically takes around 3 to 4 days and once the panels have been fitted, you can begin using the power they produce. Any energy that you don’t use will be fed back to the electricity network. This, along with government subsidies for the renewable energy generation, covers the full cost of the system.

    Most eligible households can save around a third a year on their electricity bills with solar panels. And there’s no additional cost for maintenance – your panels will be monitored and maintained for free for the length of the lease, making sure you get the best from your investment. And, if you move home during this time, the new owners will benefit in the same way.

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