Sewing machines – the essential guide

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    Computerised sewing machines

    A computerised sewing machine has a main electric motor to drive the needle up and down and one or more stepper motors that move the needle from side to side to create all the stitch options. A computer circuit board inside the machine holds the instructions for driving the motors.

    The extra power that these machines have improves every sewing operation, even the simplest. It gives smooth needle penetration and a far superior stitch line, particularly when sewing thicker fabrics.

    Most have more finely controlled tension, a wide feed dog that keeps fabric moving under the needle, and adjustable pressure for more difficult-to-handle fabrics such as sheers and satin.

    Most computerised machines offer a large portfolio of functional, decorative and embroidery stitches, as well as machine feet for sewing in zips and making buttonholes.


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