Smart storage solutions

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  • Discover space you never knew you had with these smart solutions and clever storage concepts…

    With living spaces getting smaller and the possessions we acquire ever increasing, it’s all too easy for time-poor types to find it difficult to keep control of all their stuff. But, with careful planning, it’s possible to use your home more efficiently and create a relaxed and streamlined environment.

    First and foremost, it’s crucial that you assess your space and identify areas that aren’t being used to their fullest. Bear in mind that spot-on storage will help sell a house too, so make it a priority when planning your scheme. Think beyond run-of-the-mill CD racks and consider hidden beds, pull-down tables and other clever ways to max space.

    ‘There are plenty of areas in the home where you can shoehorn in extra storage,’ suggests Mark Dyson of Enclosure Architects. ‘Anyone who has anything to do with building houses can help identify redundant spaces under beds, baths, units – I’m even trying to find a way to use the space between floors. I haven’t worked it out just yet, but I will!’

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