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    Bathroom storage solutions

    However low-maintenance you like to think you are, we’re guessing your bathroom is spilling over with lotions and potions and a whole host of other beauty necessities. But even in the smallest room in the house, a smart strategy can give you plenty of room.

    The best bet by far is wall-hung storage that keeps floor space clear, or narrow shelves. ‘The bathroom is where it’s a really good idea to get your ideas down on paper, so that there’s not a hotch-potch of storage all over the place,’ advises Hugh Adlam of 3S Architects. ‘You want your nice products but not your loo rolls on display.’

  •  Underneath the bath is a clever place to claim back space. By raising the bath a few inches, you can add shallow drawers that provide a surprising amount of storage. ‘We store toilet rolls at one end and our daughter’s bath toys at the other,’ says Mark Dyson. ‘This keeps them close by but out of sight.’
  • If you’re completely revamping the room, take the opportunity to incorporate built-in niches to display your products or stash your shower gel.
  • Bespoke vanity units can hide unsightly pipe work or enclose a toilet cistern as well as providing extra storage. Make sure you have a regular clearout though, as the bathroom is a prime place for out-of-date medicines or half-used bottles of shampoo to accumulate.
  • Glass shelves help maximise light in a small bathroom, and mount a shelf in the disused space above the door to hold a stack of clean towels.
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