Smart storage solutions

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    Bedroom storage solutions

    Nothing shatters the blissful sanctuary of a bedroom quicker than the sight of cluttered shelves and a floor scattered with shoes. Getting smart with your solutions here will make a world of difference.

    ‘Bespoke wardrobes aren’t that much more expensive than flat-pack, but are really cost-effective if you only have a couple of metres to spare,’ advises Robyn Gifford at Roundhouse Design. ‘Do you have 10 pairs of shoes or 100? Do you have a lot of clothes that need hanging, or more casual clothes that can be folded? Consider all this when planning your storage’.

    Stow seasonal items away and keep everyday clothes to hand, and ‘measure your rail, then add 20 per cent,’ advises Peter Friend of Hülsta. ‘However much space you use now, you’re bound to need more in the future.’

  • Alcoves either side of a chimney breast are perfect for bespoke wardrobes. Built-in storage can also be used to fill odd niches and unify proportions in a room.
  •  A shallow depth can provide shoe storage and means musty shoes aren’t heaped on the wardrobe floor. Take the storage high to use the space effectively.
  • Pull-out beds are ideal for studio flats or the occasional guest. And cabin beds aren’t just for kids – a bed can sit atop built-in storage where space is tight.
  • For spare bedding, consider a flip-up bed by companies such as Hülsta and Molteni & C. Or else try underbed boxes or a blanket box at the foot of the bed.
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