9 of the best Window treatments

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  • Whether it’s a glamorous pooling of fabric or a classic louvered shutter, a window dressing plays a crucial role in the success of an interior scheme. Be inspired by these creative solutions.

    1.In the words of Elsie de Wolfe,
    “simplicity, suitability and proportion” are three of the most important things when deciding on the right window treatment. As a starting point to see if your treatment works, take a photo of your window, get some tracing paper and draw the design you want over the top.

    2 A window treatment is not just the curtains or blinds you
    choose, there’s often something called dead light, which is the area
    between the top of the window and the ceiling. Use this space to hang a blind or
    position a pelmet rather than obstructing the view and light. If you have a short
    window, this will make it look taller and more elegant. Pelmets are back in fashion but they’re treated differently now, with shorter, straighter designs, using less fabric.

    3 It’s important that a fabric hangs well.
    Ask to see a metre of it, bunch it up and see if it will hang nicely – sometimes fabrics can be too stiff. You also have to think about the appearance of the curtains when they’re shut and how you’ll feel surrounded by all the material.

    4 Try to find a pattern that brings in the colours you want to use in the scheme to ensure you don’t end up with a clash or a two-dimensional look. A good rich pattern can be used as the mediator, helping to define the palette, which can then be integrated into cushions or upholstery.

    5. Fade out This feminine graduated scheme maintains its serenity by giving the walls and stylish curtains the same ombré treatment. It’s a more interesting way of doing neutrals, yet it is remains sophisticated due to its carefully chosen warm, muted tones.

    6. Confident choice
    Solid shutters are perfect for period properties, especially in bedrooms, creating a barrier against noise and the elements. Don’t be afraid to go for a coloured option that will highlight any details on the shutter, especially if the rest of the scheme is pared back. These panelled designs cost from £290 per sqm from Shutterly Fabulous

    7. Pattern playA stylish solution for a bay window is a blind in the central panel in addition to curtains; it means you shouldn’t need to pull the curtains across. Take the opportunity to introduce another pattern but ensure it works with the palette and is thematically appropriate – the mix of abstract and chevron prints from Scion, scion.uk.com, work harmoniously together due to careful pairing. Curtain in Dhurrie, £31 per m; blind in Kamili, £27 per m.

    8. Touch of silk
    This luxurious curtain reveals a surprising hit of its chartreuse lining in a sweeping sail-style tieback. It is a beautiful yet practical way of introducing another tonal hue while also drawing back the curtain to let in more light. The plush Tamika Plains fabric, £47 per m, from Harlequin, harlequin.uk.com complements the rich silk wallcovering and accessories in the room.

    9. Short fallA café-style window treatment, such as half curtains or shutters, is perfect for flexible spaces that take on a few different functions. It allows privacy and blocks direct sun whilst letting in light, meaning you can block out any direct sunlight while you work but still let some flood through. Unlined curtains work best; a heavy fabric at a short length might make the space feel oppressive.

    For more window treatment ideas, visit Housetohome.


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