The latest food hybrid? Inroducing the ‘Sushi Pie’

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  • If we told you there was a cake of layered sushi ingredients, would you be interested?

    Is it a crumble? Is it a giant California roll? It’s both – it’s a sushi pie.

    Just when we thought the sushi landscape couldn’t get any better, it does.

    Image: Instagram

    Recipes and photos are popping up everywhere of the amazing sushi pie. It’s a large cake made of rice, fish and avocado layers and topped in a scattered of sesame seeds.

    It’s the Japanese equivalent to a Shepherd’s pie, but way healthier.

    Image: Instagram

    Japanese dining took the world by storm after we heard about the benefits to our bellies and taste buds. Gluten free, dairy free and even meat free if you like – sushi is the way to go if you’re looking for a healthier life style this year.

    Image: Instagram

    From maki to nigiri or sashimi, we are all on board – lunch, dinner and sometimes even breakfast…

    But if you struggle to navigate your way through the menu or don’t know just how many Japanese tapas dishes you should order then just go in for the big thing – the sushi pie.

    Image: Instagram

    The pie received mixed reviews in the Housetohome office, but as it’s taking Instagram by storm it is apparent that the sushi pie is set to be a big one in 2016.

    Tuck on in!

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