The coolest kid zones around (and not just for young ones!)

Every kid (little or big!) loves a space dedicated to fun. Here’s our round up of 7 of the easiest and chicest ways to make a kid zone work in your home

1, Play with prints

If there’s ever a time to really have fun with prints and patterns it’s when you’re doing up a kid zone. Make the most of pattern and (gentle!) colour clashing to create a cool, childlike vibe that inspires imagination and instantly lifts the mood…
After all, it’s impossible to feel unhappy or uninspired in a room this bright and cheerful!

2, Try out a theme

We love this circus styled room and its Big Top stripes. Why not go wild and really indulgence in something your child (or you!) adore? If you don’t want to commit to a full décor in one theme, pick a fairly neutral wall and spice up the place with fun accessories – the leopard, oversized drum and neon lights shout as much as the curtains do.

3, Go back to basics

There’s a reason kid zones tend to end up in the attic – they’re a quiet and out of the way part of the house to tuck away the mess and noise…or just grab some peace and quiet!
A converted loft is an ideal space for the plethora of toys which would otherwise be all over the house, but also grows with your child and acts as a great teen hideaway later on.

4, Think small

You may not have an actual room to dedicate to a kid zone, so think outside of the box. A cute teepee in the corner of your child’s room can be transformed into whatever they’re obsessed with that week, and can be moved outside in the summer so their kid zone can go wherever they do!

5, Make it homework friendly

Adding a blackboard wall isn’t just a great way to let creativity run wild, but it can also be a practical additional for homework and study time. Some creative storage and a wipe of the duster can turn a kid zone straight into the homework room whenever some serious focus is required. Also, who doesn’t like a doodle while thinking?!

6, Turn it teen friendly

As with this basement space, some comfy seating, bright artwork and a foozball table creates a teen-appropriate area where your kids will genuinely want to hang out, and you can still keep your eye on them. Keep the style fairly simple as we all know tastes change a lot in those years…

7, Don’t neglect yourself!

Whoever said that children are the only ones who need a kid zone?! We highly recommend making sure you carve out some fun space for yourself if you can. This pool room is a great area to kick back and relax in your very own beautiful home.

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