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The low-down on Eco Balls...

Does it work?

Eco Balls can be used in place of detergent and fabric conditioner

The Claim

Washes clothes at lower temperatures and softens without the use of fabric conditioner. Lasts 1,000 washes and only needs a ‘quick wash’ cycle each time. Pop trhee Eco Balls inside the amchine and they’ll create ionised oxygen to clean clothers without added chemicals. Hypoallergenic, so ideal for sensitive skin.

The verdict

Our 40ºC wash came out clean, soft and fresh-smelling (but without perfume) and a napkin we’d smeared with ketchup, gravy and mustard was stain-free. They’re expensive upfront (£30), but in the long run will save you a fortune in detergent and power. Available from John Lewis.

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