Trend watch: Paper and Card

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  • This re-cycled source is being re-invented into furniture and lighting

    What’s the trend about:

    Designers are appreciating the versatility of this re-cycled source. By exploring both hand-made crafts and clever combinations of paper and cardboard with materials such as wood, they are manipulated to create not just delicate pieces, but strong lighting and furniture.

    Crushed 2660 91 00 wall panel (106cm x 280cm), £209, Empire State collection, Casadeco range, Tangletree Interiors

    This crumpled paper effect creates an optical illusion, inspired by the streets of New York.

    Where we’ve seen it:

    Moooi’s Paper Collection includes light but re-inforced pieces such as a dining table, made with a core of wood and cardboard, covered with paper, finished in lacquer. Paper Dining Table, £2,109 and Paper Chandelier, £1,935, Moooi range, Utility Design.

    The Two Ways Paper Rug is made from 100% paper thread, £164.12, Hay range, Ambiente Direct.

    Italian designer Giorgio Caparoso has created a range of furniture and shelving from layered corrugated cardboard combined with wooden components, Moretto Modular cardboard shelving, £450, E-side.

    Seletti Egg of Columus recycled pendants are made from discarded material usually used to make to egg boxes, £27.50, Seletti range, Made in Design.

    The Edge clock is made for thick layers of cardboard with a recycled oak veneer for a smart and durable finish, £46, Bouf.

    Latest releases:

    We love the durable and recycled paper storage baskets from Folklore, £15.50; and Peastyle, £8.50, large Le Sac en Kraft, Peastyle.

    The Mini Hula pendant, £80, from Laura Wellington, it’s self-assembly sections pop out from a flat packed book.

    These Recycled Paper Vasesare handmade in Sri Lanka with rubber to make them waterproof, from £14.50, Raft.

    The Mello Yellow Crinkled Paper cushion has been digitally printed on to linen, you’ll never get those creases out! £75, Suzanne Goodwin range, Clippings.

    The Terroir chair by Danish designers Jonas Edvard and Nikolaj Steenfatt combines seaweed and recycled paper waste.

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