Make your own wall art stickers with our downloadable craft!

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  • New year, new craft!

    If your new year’s resolution is to be more creative and try your hand at different crafts, then we have the perfect super-simple project to get you started.

    Follow our simple steps to make these beautiful bird print stickers…

    1. Make different-sized versions of the bird template that you can download here by reducing and enlarging with a photocopier. Carefully cut these out.

    2. Flip the templates and draw around them onto the reverse of sticky-back plastic.

    3. Repeat to make several in various sizes. Cut out each bird.

    4. Clean the surface of the wall, then gently remove the paper backing and stick the birds onto the chosen area, smoothing out any air bubbles if necessary.

    Ready to go? Hit the download button below to get your free template.

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