7 signs you love a weekend at home

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  • Does the thought of getting dressed up and going out send shivers down your spine? Your home is giving you away...

    1. Books and newspapers line your surfaces

    A clear sign of a home weekender, you’ve got half finished crossword puzzles everywhere. There’s nothing better than a lazy Sunday morning reading the paper, even if you only get part way through before you give up and switch the TV on.

    2. … and so do dishes

    Because washing up doesn’t exist on weekends. Don’t worry, with the right crockery, even your dirty dishes can look chic.

    3. You own more cushions than clothes

    Was your last bank statement just a list of homeware expenses? The perfect cushion, or cushions, can transform any space into a little haven. Invest in the best materials and curl up ready for the most comfortable weekend of your life.

    4. You’re obsessed with comfort

    As the weather takes a turn for the worse, you find yourself desperately covering any cold surface in your home with anything soft. If there was ever a time to invest in a snug rug, or that new sofa you can’t quite justify, it’s now. Comfort is key, and dark wallpaper and contrasting patterns are a perfect way to create a warm, cosy feel.

    5. You always have breakfast in bed

    You know you love a sleepy Saturday if your bedroom is fully equipped with a weekend survival kit, because there’s no point pretending you’ll be out of bed for more than 20 minutes at a time. Who says sleep is for the dead? A statement bed and silk bedding will make your room fit for a queen.

    6. Your house is superior to any bar

    Your liquor cupboard is better stocked than the pub down the road, it’s just a bonus that you don’t have to face the cold outside, or get dressed. In-house bars are definitely the way forward, not only are they practical, but with the right design they can add a real edge to any room. And, of course, they’re free! Make ours a martini…

    7. You’ve got prime spot by the fire

    The chair you’ve had sat by the fire all year round is finally in use again. Who wants to be in a cold, loud crowd on a Saturday night when you’ve got a front row seat to the only show worth seeing.


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