What’s the best way to clean a shower door?

Can you advise me how to get our curved glass shower door sparkling clean without scratching it? This is a soft water area, so limescale isn't the problem; it seems to be soap deposits. The shower manufacturer advised cleaning with vinegar and hot water but that didn't work. Nor did liquid soda crystals.

The problem may be caused by the type of soap you use in the shower and switching to a liquid shower gel or a soap with a neutral ph balance, such as Dove Cream should reduce the problem.

As dissolved soap is present in the water droplets that cling to the shower door, wiping down with a squeegee every time you use the enclosure will help prevent deposits building up. You should get better results with the vinegar and hot water method if you add a tablespoonful of automatic dishwasher detergent to the solution, wash the door panel with it, leave for 10 minutes then rinse and dry with a soft clean cloth. Keeping shower panels clean requires constant care. A new product you may like to try is Scrub Free, which is designed to remove soap deposits, followed for daily maintenance by Clean Shower, from Lakeland, 01539 488100, which also sells a Good Grips bathroom squeegee.

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