Laminate flooring – how to buy

Everything you need to know about wood flooring

What is it?
Laminate flooring can be made of synthetic materials, as well as natural and recycled elements. Some now have antistatic and antimicrobial properties.

Good-quality laminate flooring is tough,stain-resistant and doesn’t wear or fade. It’s quick and easy to lay, and is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Cheap laminate is a false economy – it will sound hollow and you can end up with ill-fitting boards.

What’s new?
‘The latest ranges have a less defined groove between planks,’ says Philiep Caryn at Quick-Step. ‘This give a smoother and more polished finish.’

CostFrom £15 per sq m at Tarkett.

Head to
Quick-Step, Pergo, Parador, Tarkett.

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