8 country homes with wow-factor water features

Be inspired by this selection of stunning water features, in idyllic country settings

A water feature is a fantastic way of adding an aesthetically pleasing touch to your garden. Whether it’s the calming sound of trickling water that you’re after for relaxation purposes, or the abundance of wildlife that water attracts, it is a lovely focal point and pleasant feature to add to your outdoor space.

1 Shape up
If you choose to work your garden around a water feature such as this, it is a wonderful way of utilising a large open space. The cross-shaped formation follows the natural layout of this garden and gives it a lovely structure.

2 Totally tropical
This quirky fountain is a certain head-turner. The unique use of flamingoes bathing under the jets of water adds a real sense of fun; we love the tropical feel this instantly brings!

3 Contemporary style
The bright gleaming metal of this steel fountain creates a striking contrast against the rustic brick backdrop, and the pretty display of flowers adds pops of colour to the reflective surface.

4 Natural flow
This beautiful tiered feature is ideal for smaller gardens; the unobtrusive design and neutral colour palette perfectly complement the natural surroundings.

5 Country hideaway
The modern, clean-cut lines of this water feature are a hidden gem among the blossoming country setting it sits in. Tucked away behind hedgerows, it is a secret garden only accessible to those in the know…

6 Idyllic charm
No French Chateau would be complete without shrouds of poison ivy and a picture-perfect water feature in front. The weathered fountain adds some historic charm to this setting; we can already hear the water trickling and feel the warm breeze on our faces…

7 Relaxation station
A pond is a lovely addition to every country garden, and this is no exception! Nestled among perfectly manicured flowerbeds, this striking space is complemented by an open-air seating area allowing for all year round enjoyment.

8 Artistic flair

Soft jets of water dancing elegantly from a sculptural fountain make a real style statement in the garden. This copper eclipse stands beautifully within it’s lush surroundings, whilst the organic and creative design references the simplicity and calm of nature.

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