7 awesome outdoor log stores

Creative ways to store your wood this winter

As the nights grow cold and blustery, it’s the perfect excuse to grab the kindling and light up a roaring fire. Here at Country Homes & Interiors we have found a selection of outdoor log stores which will inspire you to be creative in your own garden this winter…

Cover up
Choose a fancy garden shed with overhang where you can shelter your logs from the elements while they’re waiting to be used on your fire. It also makes a pretty focal point and is a practical way to make use of your garden space, perfect!

Show stopper
This unusual hut-style pile is certainly a talking point for visitors and neighbours! So why not try storing your logs in a less traditional way in favour of a more creative option. Stack in at an angle and keep going until you’ve formed a circle, then start piling the logs on top in the same shape. If you’re really feeling creative try adding a roof like this one!

Stack it up
If you’ve got a nook like this in your garden it’s the perfect place for storing all of your extra logs, piilng them nice and high, while keeping all the tools nearby ready to transfer them to the roasting fire! Don’t forget the marshmallows…

Wall of wood
If you’ve got large amounts of wood that need storing, you may want to create a much larger year-round shelter specifically designed to suit your needs like this one. The long pile of logs here blends in beautifully to its natural surroundings.

Perfect patterns
If you’ve got a naturally creative flair then this could be just the project for you! Using different types of wood you can forge designs out of your log piles, very striking and effective!

Faux fire
We love the blurred lines between indoor and outdoor here. An external fireplace is a great way of adding interest to your garden as well as having a practical use for storing small stashes of logs.

Beautifully British
This isn’t a sight you see every day, but this iconic red phonebox sits surprisingly well as part of this artisitic log pile design. Even if you don’t have a red telephone box at your disposal, it’s an inspiring idea for using unusual homes to store your logs to create a quirky feature!

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