5 tools every gardener should own

No matter how big or small your plot is, these are the tools you need to make it a cut above the rest.

Gloves? Check. Flowers? Check. Stainless steel plant mister? Not quite.

Even the greenest thumbs can forget about the basics, while for the uninitiated, stepping into a garden centre and being greeted by a vast array of gardening tools can be bewildering.

You don’t need them all.

So, before you start digging holes to plant some seeds, these are the tools to put in your kit.

1. Spades and forks

If you’ve ever tried digging a bed without one, you’ll know that a spade is essential, while forks are good for fluffing up the surface and lifting plants from the soil.

Make sure you choose the right length for your height though: it will minimise back pain.

2. Rake

When it comes to preparing seed beds, levelling soil or removing debris, you’ll need a steel headed rake.

If you’ve got grass, then a lawn rake, which has flexible teeth, will remove leaves, moss and grass clippings. Remember: the more teeth it has, the faster you’ll get the job done.

3. Secateurs

More controllable and easier to use than a standard knife, secateurs are good for pruning, cutting wood and taking cuttings. However, if your garden has lots of trees with thick branches, then a pair of loppers will do the trick.

4. Hoes

These are great for the unglamorous task of weeding as they take care of a lot of work in a short amount of time. The sharp edge runs through the soil, allowing you to quickly pull the weeds out from the ground.

5. Dibber

These pointed wooden tools are ideal for planting seeds and moving seedlings.

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