7 potting sheds to make you green (fingered) with envy!

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    If you’re potty about gardening but don’t have the space for a greenhouse or the knees for a flowerbed, a potting shed could be for you! An all in one space where you can store your garden equipment, tend to plants all year round and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet…sound good? We’ve picked out a few of our favourites, so read on and pick yours!

    Multi Use
    This potting shed is ticking all of the boxes. From storing garden tools to harvesting vegetables, this light and airy space is ideal for a keen gardener to turn the radio up and while away a lazy Sunday…

    Toughen Up
    It is important to make sure you invest in a potting shed with plenty of light, preferably from above. Windows with toughened glass are also a necessity if you want your plants to be able to withstand the winter months.

    Statement Piece
    Add a splash of colour with a bright and bold potting table like this one. Colour coordinating accessories such as baskets and lanterns add a personal touch and a welcome contrast against a traditionally neutral backdrop.

    Get Organised
    Organise all of your bits and bobs with a pigeonhole unit. If you’re the type to lose your keys, or glasses, or secateurs, or anything for that matter…then this is for you!

    Rural retreat
    This unusual potting shed doubles up as a place to unwind. A cosy armchair and a pile of books in once corner, wellies and shears in the other..this set up can cater for every mood!

    Natural Surroundings
    Grey is the on trend colour that continues to prove its versatility. From bathrooms to bedrooms, to pantries to potting sheds, this neutral tone looks stunning in this country garden setting.

    Pretty Prints
    Soften the look with beautiful botanical prints, complemented by stacked terracotta pots giving the room more height and adding rustic charm.

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