Shed porn: The sexiest garden buildings in the world

From Hansel and Gretel homes to whimsical Wendy houses, here are the top 10 sheds and garden buildings to swoon over

Garden sheds are no longer a DIY dumping ground for tools and half-finished projects.

Today’s super shed is lacquered in pretty pastel paints and kitted with comfy cushions. Whether you’re looking to spruce up the greenhouse, create a Zen sun room or repurpose that crumbling brick shack, these top 10 picks will inspire you to start a shed project, just in time for summer…

It’s hard to imagine how a shoddy work station could turn into a dainty hut, but with some white gloss, repurposed glass doors and plenty of day furniture, this shed has been transformed into a garden zen.

Duck egg is a beautiful shade for the countryside and works harmoniously with the natural terracotta hue of these bricks. Add some accents in the form of a clock, bushes and potted plants and you have a smart new shed.

Want to be out in the garden all the time? Then move your office space outside. This redesigned shed is the perfect workspace thanks to plenty of natural light and bundles of room.

This Wendy house was once a shed. The homeowners have created the perfect guesthouse at the end of the garden by tiling the roof, adding a stable door, giving it a lick of hunter green paint and a few super cute accessories.

Tidy your potting shed by adding plenty of workbenches and shelving so plants have space to grow and flourish. The look is neat, simple and fuss-free whilst the vibrant flowers and verdant leaves add all he decoration needed.

This elegant Georgian build is the perfect accompaniment to a serene garden. Of course, it’s not easy to mirror unless you too have a pillar perfect hut in your backyard, but it shows how powerful simple furnishings in a beautiful setting can be.

Maintain the rustic appeals of a garden shed by adding a wicker chair to recline in under a few dainty lights and candles. Stacked firewood and horse saddles only add to the raw aesthetics of this wooden cabin.

Get kids out in the garden by creating the perfect playpen.
When they are young it is the perfect spot to hold sleepovers and as they get older they will appreciate a little spot that’s all their own.

Pool houses don’t have to be wet sheds with stagnant mould and rammed with rubber rings. This dove grey, fluted-roof nest is an idyllic changing room before resting after a few lengths of the pool in the summer.

Reminiscent of Hansel and Gretel’s house in the woods, this tiny room at the end of the cobbled and overgrown path is a great hideout. Shabby chic furniture and floral designs finish the look, but hopefully the witch won’t catch you!

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