Making a buzz: Simple ways to help save the honeybee population

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  • To celebrate National Honey Week we show you how to help save Britain's bees. From including bee-friendly plants in your garden to eating organic honey, there are plenty of things we can do...

    Britain’s declining bee population has become an increasing worry – these poor little creatures have lost 97% of their grassland habitats in the past 60 years. In order to help save the bees and to celebrate National Honey Week, try these 5 simple tasks that will help save Britain’s bee population!

    1. Plant flowers
    You’ll spot the honeybee on the Mahonia and Honeysuckles plants during the winter months so it’s worth sewing those seeds now. When you are doing your planting remember to provide them with nectar and pollen rich flowering plants (which will be needed for the bees to build strong colonies in the Spring). Extend the flowering season by having something always in bloom from February to October.

    2. Go organic!
    Support bees by eating the fruits of their labours – honey. Choose organic products as this will mean harmful pesticides won’t have been used in the production of the honey.

    3. Create a nest
    A bundle of hollow canes could make a great home for bees. Some bumblebee species will take up residence in bird boxes, or an upturned plant pot (with holes) located in a secure, shady area. Even though you are unlikely to be able to make a home for the honeybee colonies keep an eye out for other solitary bees that you could accommodate in your garden.

    4. Don’t use pesticides
    Avoid using chemical pesticides in the garden if you can. To help save the bees try natural methods of pest control – such as putting up bird boxes and blasting aphids with water.

    5. Spread the word
    We need to save our bees – spread the word and let everyone know that they should do all they can to save the natural habitat of Britain’s bee population.

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