7 topiary-tastic country gardens

Topiary is a fantastic way of adding charm and elegance to your garden, and these examples are sure to inspire you to get clipping some of your own designs!

The art of topiary suits every garden, regardless of its size or style. Typically it is a very low maintenance task, as plants only need trimming once or twice a year. Take a look at these inspiring examples of the different ways in which you can incorporate topiary into your garden scheme.

1 All shapes and sizes
You don’t have to stick to one style when creating a topiary garden; experiment by sculpting many different shapes such as spirals, balls and cones. This will provide some variety, especially if you have a large garden.

2 Water features
If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your back garden, small clusters of topiary plants such as these are a fabulous way of adding some subtle detailing, without being too overpowering and crowding the space around the water’s edge.

3 Spec-quack-ular
If you want to really stand out from the crowd, an animal carved out of your garden hedge is a fun and quirky way to spice up your garden without any extra expense! We love the way this duck sits on the wall watching over the neighbourhood…

4 Live on the edge
If you own a garden with a plain border, topiary could be a great way of creating some interest. Sculpting shrubs of different shapes and sizes along the border will instantly provide your garden with a finished, polished look.

5 The ultimate green house
This quirky creation is certainly a talking point! Cleverly sculpted to imitate a country cottage, this fabulous example of topiary is unique and unusual, designed to be lit up at night by lanterns tucked among the leaves. We love it!

6 Best of both
Brighten up your garden by adding bursts of colourful flowers such as this display lining the pathway. The perfectly formed topiary balls add some structure to the wild feel of the flowerbeds they are nestled among. The combination works beautifully and creates the perfect balance of chaos and calm.

7 Perfect pruning
The impeccably neat shrubbery lining this garden path adds instant charm to this pretty cottage. The crisp, symmetrical lines of the topiary bushes are consistent with the rest of the manicured garden, and we think it’s very inviting indeed!

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