In season: cut flowers

It’s lovely to step out into your garden with your scissors and snip flowers and foliage for the home at any time. If you plant your garden for year round interest you will be able to fill a vase with seasonal cuttings even during the darkest days of winter. Buy locally wherever possible or grow your own, avoiding shop-bought blooms which can be lacking in fragrance and freshness. For a stunning display in spring, plant bulbs the previous autumn to add colour to the garden in the early months of the year. A drift of white tulips in a border is a garden design classic, and having blossom to pick is always uplifting. As spring moves to summer, traditional highly scented favourites like roses, sweet peas and lavender will always be a hit, and work well planted in borders with fragranced herbs such as rosemary, mint and sage. Fill in with stocks, sweet williams, nigella, nicotiana and scabiosa, while euphorbias will provide structure to your design. All will look fabulous displayed indoors. Select some blooms for drying in a warm dark place to add to vases later in the year. In autumn, a bold pop of colour in the shape of a single dahlia is great for bringing into the home. And foliage such as variegated pittosporum, berries and ivy will provide a fresh seasonal display in winter.

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