Our top tips for shed buying

When it comes to buying a shed there are a number of points to consider from the type of windows to the lock choice

Sheds are an absolute essential for any keen gardener needing extra
outdoor storage and come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. But what should you be looking out for when it comes to
buying a shed that suits your needs? We’ve asked shed specialists, Forest, for a handy guide to help you make the right choice.

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1. What materials and fitting do I choose?
After planning what the primary purpose of your shed will be: tools storage, summer house, workshop etc, think about how your shed will be constructed. The way the timber boards are laid around the outside of the shed are important, but there are advantages to each:

– rough sawn boards that overlap each other which allow flexibility and movement.
Shiplap – interlocking tongue and groove boards. The tight fitting nature of this method of construction reduces penetration from bad weather.
Tongue and groove – thanks to interlocking boards, the structure is watertight, sturdy and offers even greater resistance to wind and cold weather.

2. Flooring

Shed floors receive their fair share of wear and tear, so make sure yours can withstand frequent use. Alternatively, consider the appearance if you’re creating a garden room.
Hard wearing sheet material is ideal if you’re on a budget and using the shed as a workshop or for gardening, storing tools and machinery. Look for pressure treated boarded floors.

3. Security
Plate hasp and staple latch are a fairly standard yet essential feature of all sheds, add a sturdy padlock of to ensure items inside are kept secure.
Another option is a Rimlock door latch which offers security and ease of use thanks to a stainless steel door knob and keyhole.

4. Choose from pressure or dip treated
Dip treated is a surface treatment providing around 10 years guaranteed protection against rot while pressure treated provides around 15-year anti-rot with no re-treatment required.

5. Which roof type?
A pent roof is a single or sloping roof allowing water to run off to the rear and creates high head room at the front of the shed – ideal for placing against a wall or fence.
An apex roof is a popular, traditional choice with two sloping slides. It can be placed against a wall or fence but looks great in any open space.
Felt is traditionally the material of choice when it comes to sheds, green mineral felt is deceptively long lasting and easy to replace when worn.
Onduline is a unique corrugated material that is both attractive and lightweight.

6. Windows
Polycarbonate glazing is unbreakable and won’t become yellow or brittle over time.
Acrylic glazing is slightly thicker, more durable and offers the closest resemblance to glass.

7. Finial and barge boards

Barge boards give strength, protect the roof joints from the elements and enhance the over all look of the structure. Finials are a decorative feature that no shed should be without and also cover the join in the barge boards.

The Forest Pent Overlap 6’x3′ shed RRP £219.99

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