Stairways to heaven: 6 ideas you’ll want to try right now

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  • Make your stairs the focal point of your hallway with these striking looks

    What better way to bring a smile to your face than with colourful painted stairs? Here, each tread and its riser has been painted a different colour to create an eye-catching rainbow effect, which can be easily created using tester pots of paint and finished with a coat of clear varnish. To ensure the stairs take centre stage, the walls and spindles have been painted white.

    The next time you’re in your local DIY store, collect large samples of your favourite wallpapers and use to jazz up your stair risers. Choose designs in two or three colours so the look doesn’t feel too mismatched then cut them to the size of your risers and simply stick in place. Finally, seal the wallpaper with a layer of clear varnish for durability.

    The steps and risers aren’t the only part of your stairs that are ripe for a makeover – why not paint the spindles in different tones of your favourite colour to create a graduated effect? Pick three or four different tones of your chosen colour, plus a pot of white paint to mix in and create ever-paler versions of each shade. Start with the palest shade at the bottom of the stairs, working your way up to the darkest.

    Using paint and wallpaper are just two ways to transform your stairs, but they’re not the only ways. This illuminated staircase is a much more subtle way to give your stairs the wow factor. Ask an electrician to fit two simple LED spotlights at either end of each riser on a wooden staircase for a strikingand practical look. Turn off your main hallway light and leave the LEDs on for wonderfully effective mood lighting.

    Give your stairs a makeover with a combination of paint and vinyl number stickers. Paint your stairs and risers in your chosen colours (the entire staircase can be painted in one colour or two, as seen here), then get shopping for stickers! There are lots of different styles of fonts to choose from, or why not try numbers in a different language, such as French? Just add a coat of clear varnish over the stickers for an added layer of protection.

    Who says wallpaper only belongs on walls? We don’t know, but what we do know is that it’s just not true! Splash out on a roll of your favourite design – medium and small-scale prints work best due to the fairly small surface areas being covered – and cut and stick to your risers. Finally, paint the steps white to ensure the wallpaper design stands out, or colour match them to the paper’s background shade for a co-ordinated look. Check out our other staircase ideas.

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