6 essentials for a happy home office

Working from home can be great – you pick your late starts and early finishes, and there’s no rule about wearing your pyjamas all day! But, to avoid your home office becoming a place of easy distraction and restlessness, check out these essentials for the perfect working space.

1. A clean white space

It will come as no surprise that white is a calming colour – this light shade will give your home office a clean, focused feeling while maximising the appearance of space, helping you to separate your mind from your relaxed home surroundings. It also helps that white looks particularly chic
(and less sterile!) when combined with quirky colourful furnishings.

2. The desk light

You don’t have to play it safe with this practical purchase, splash out if necessary and find the perfect lamp to (quite literally) light up your working space. An unusual shape or colour lamp will add an interesting touch to your desk, making your office a feature of your home rather than a space you want hidden at the weekend.

3. Lots of light

It’s important that your home office doesn’t hide you away in a dark corner of your living room – you won’t get any work done and you’ll end up resenting your own home! Make sure you find a spot with lots of light;
this will not only save on your electricity bill, but will increase your productivity and keep you in a good mood, especially if the sun is shining!

4. Stylish storage

Imagine you’re in a working flow, and suddenly your pen runs out, or you find yourself in desperate need of a stapler – you don’t want to get up and rummage around the house, completely disrupting your train of thought. Get yourself some decent (and of course stylish) desk storage so everything you need is at your fingertips. You do want to clock out at 5:30pm after all!

5. A killer desk

It’s the place you’ll spend most of your day, and something you’ll have to look at in your home all year round, so invest in a timeless desk that makes a bold statement. This gold zig-zag desk is the perfect piece to add a touch of extravagant glamour to your home office, while being so chic that it will never go out of fashion. Who’s even looking at your scrunched up first drafts!

6. Personal touches

One of the joys of a home office is that you can really make it your own. Add a few personal touches – family photos, procrastination doodles – you are at home after all!

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