Man cave ideas for dens with attitude

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  • Man cave ideas can turn under-used spaces into dedicated hideaways that you don’t have to go to the man-cave shed at the bottom of the garden to access. The room you choose for your man cave will depend on how you – or your man – want to use the space. Do you fancy creating a home office, library, dining room, TV or games room? Do you want to convert a conservatory or make use of a cellar or basement?

    Decide if your man cave will be for work, rest or play – or a bit of each. Perhaps you’d like to be able to use the space to work from home, but would also like it to be useable when you fancy a break from work too. May be you want a relaxing bolt-hole away from the hubbub of the rest of the house, or like the idea of a broader man cave entertaining space that you can use with friends.

    Let the function of the space direct your choice of man cave furniture. Don’t hold back: seek out a traditional gentleman’s desk and chair, bookcase storage and lighting. Consider low-slung, laid-back modern seating or library-style leather Chesterfields. Create a man-cave reading space with a classic winged armchair and standard floor lamp, or go for modern designer seating with low-hanging pendants for glorious task lighting.

    Create a man-cave entertainment hub with wall-mounted TV or home cinema and seating designed for relaxed easy viewing. And what about including a man-cave bar and – of course – man-cave signs? How you use your man cave will suggest colour schemes and textures while personal preference will determine the feel and ambience.

    Create a cocooning effect with dark toning shades and rich natural materials for TV and film watching. In a home office, look for pieces that will invigorate and inspire you: modern streamlined desks and seating, clean-lined organised storage and decorative artwork. Most of all, enjoy the freedom to create a look and feel that is totally different from the rest of your home.

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