The crafted-with-love storage solutions for your country kitchen

Cut back on clutter with our artisan edit that celebrates the most ingenius storage solutions for perfectly ordered cupboards and drawers

1 Flexible drawers

‘Using fixed trays in drawers can be like trying to put round pegs into square holes – you’ll invariably find items that just won’t fit and others that rattle around and get lost,’ says Richard Moore, Design Director, Martin Moore & Company. ‘Adjustable dividers are far more sensible, allowing you to customise the drawer set-up, and rearrange it whenever and however you like.

2 Clever corner

Space-saving corner fittings that pull contents into view as you open the door aren’t new but many mass-produced metal versions can be noisy, and look uncomfortably modern in a country kitchen. ‘These glide-out quadrant-shaped trays are simply a joy. Handcrafted in oak, they elegantly provide accessible storage in otherwise hard to reach corners,’ enthuses Emma Pryse-Jones, Design Manager, Plain English.

3 Slim larder
‘You’ll be amazed at the volume of food that can be stowed away in a tall slim-line larder – the perfect space-saving pantry,’ says Andrew Hall, Managing Director, Woodstock Furniture. ‘To ensure it looks as good on the inside as your kitchen does on the outside, pay particular attention to interior materials and construction. Finger jointed drawers will prove strong and stylish, while crown-cut oak has a more decorative grain pattern than quarter-sawn versions.’

4 Bespoke pantry

‘A bespoke larder that has been meticulously designed to accommodate the foods you love will make you smile every time you open its doors,’ says Matt Podesta, Owner, Podesta. ‘The secret to ensuring it stays neat and tidy, and continuously satisfying, is to carefully plan the position of contents in deference to frequency of use and easy visibility. Adding a carved inscription on drawer fronts is a fun touch that’s also practical.’

5 Drawers, drawers

‘Secret drawers, concealed behind a traditional in-frame door, are a far more ergonomically savvy solution than standard cupboard shelves,’ says Tom Edmonds, Director, Lewis Alderson. ‘All the contents can be pulled out for easy access and you’ll never have to bend low to dig in the darkest depths of your cupboards again.’ Choose soft-close drawer runners for smooth, quiet operation.

6 On show

‘Open shelved storage will create a more relaxed atmosphere and can also give the illusion of space in a smaller kitchen,’ says John Sims-Hilditch, Creative Director, Neptune. ‘For a simple, but very effective, design boost try removing the backs of wall cabinets and use the remaining shelved units to frame a classic metro-tiled feature wall.’

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