6 kitchen storage ideas you can’t live without

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  • Turn your kitchen from a clutter fest into a tidy haven with these 6 easy ideas to max out your storage

    With an endless stash of pots and pans to keep at bay, filling a kitchen with ample storage is something of a tall order. But – no matter how many mugs or how little space you have – there’s always a solution to be found. Read on for 6 easy ways to kit out your kitchen for a clutter-free cooking space.

    1. Build a cute cubby

    Perhaps not one for those who are already settled into their kitchen, but if you’re looking into a redesign then consider working in a cubby space above the sink. It shouldn’t be a big ask of your builder, and it’s the perfect space to store washing-up essentials, plants, cookbooks or stylish jars.

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    2. Big up your storage with a butcher’s block

    Small but mighty, the humble chopping block is a secret haven of storage. Not only does it provide an invaluable extra surface to prep your veggies, it’s also got hooks, rails and a shelf underneath. Pack it with mugs, table linens, seat covers – you name it, the butcher’s block can handle it.

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    3. Upcycle your way to a free workspace

    We’ve all seen these tins floating around from time to time – whether they’re old tea canisters or olive oil containers, they’re inexpensive and beautiful. Try mounting one or several on the wall to fill with kitchenalia, then attach hooks underneath to hang your most-used tools. Perfect for a bit of extra worktop space.

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    4. Keep kitchen essentials at eye level

    You can’t go far wrong with a Kilner jar, and where better to put them than open shelving? Rack up sets of matching jars in various shapes and sizes and fill with your store cupboard essentials – a great alternative to a large-scale kitchen larder.

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    5. Arrange a bespoke display

    These super-cute display boxes would work in any room, but they’re perfectly suited to a kitchen. Hang at mismatched heights for an eclectic, thrown-together look, then pack them with all those odds and ends you never quite know where to put. Spices, mugs, chopping boards and accessories will finally have a place to call home.

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    6. Take back control of your cookbooks

    It’s hard to say how cookbook stashes get so out of hand, but little piles of them seem to pop up everywhere. Put them away and they go unused; leave them out and they end up under your feet.

    This almost invisible wall shelf is the perfect solution – it’s so slimline that you could squeeze it in pretty much anywhere. Rack up your books in style and you’ll use them more than ever!

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