Red kitchen colour ideas – 10 of the best

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  • Colour can transform a kitchen design, adding warmth and character. You can choose to go subtle or bold, but if you decide to make an impact with colour, few shades create drama as instantly as red.

    Red is a classic colour, which traditionally represents passion, love, power and even danger. But it’s also indelibly associated with food – juicy strawberries, plump tomatoes, rich pasta sauce, zingy chillis – and it’s also been shown to increase the appetite, making it an ideal choice in a kitchen. With many shades, and can be used on walls to create warmth, as a bold cabinetry colour, or as an accent colour in a paler scheme to highlight features.

    As it’s an attention-grabbing hue, it’s vital to consider how it will work with the rest of your scheme. Finding the right shade is important – consider whether cooler (more blue) or warmer (more orange) tones will work in your space and with the amount of light you have. Don’t despair if your kitchen naturally receives little daylight, where a largely red décor could risk seeming heavy – the colour can still be incorporated in clever ways, such as a dramatic backdrop colour on shelving, to highlight your crockery.

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