Eye spy: seven style steals from a secret agent’s pad

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  • Come with us as we delve into the hidden world of espionage, high-stakes adventure and daring design

    James Bond; The Man from Uncle; Johnny English – they all need a place to come home to after a hard day’s graft defeating the baddies. The one thing these heroes all have in common is an epic sense of style, so Livingetc set off on an undercover mission to reveal the design secrets of the super sleuths.

    1. Double-0 heaven

    After crisscrossing the world in pursuit of a villain, a grand entrance such as this is just the thing to make you want to kick off your shoes, say hello to puss and display a few collectables that you’ve picked up on your travels. And modesty be damned – if you want to be reminded of some of your most fantastic escapades, put them up in a big print. Been there, got the poster.

    2. Liquid refreshment

    Before the inevitable phone call from the boss disrupts your staycation, it’s nice to spend a few moments planning on how to catch up with some old chums. Maybe take the motor out for a spin, or just sit tight and get Ocado to pop round with a case or two of your favourite tipple…

    3. Seating plan

    Seeing that you missed the whole of Christmas in a hot, unforgiving desert and New Year was a blowout in the worst possible way (those exploding oil wells, I ask you), enjoying a party with a select guest is the least you deserve. Make sure she’s found all her clothes before she leaves, though.

    4. Boy’s toys

    When you feel the need for privacy, this den will cater to your every whim. A hotline through to HQ, sounds at the touch of a button, top-class eye candy and an awesome office chair that houses an ejector seat and built-in masseuse. Only kidding…

    5. Clocking off

    Before the next briefing is due, it’s time to hit the town for one final cavort. A crisp, tight collar and sharpshooter cuffs will show who’s boss. Play hard, stay hard – that’s our maxim.

    6. Travelling companion

    What do you give the man who has everything? Somewhere to put it, of course. This sleek wardrobe trunk has room for all of life’s essentials. But be warned – if any strangers press the wrong button, they’re sure to get a very nasty surprise.

    7. Winning hand

    No sleep for the wicked – in fact, no sleep at all. Staying up all night brings its own rewards, especially if the croupier happens to be an old flame. When the chips are down, it’s good to know there’s someone special watching your back.


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