6 super-fab storage ideas

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  • These storage spots are a feature in their own right

    When it comes to storage, there are so many ways you can cut down on the clutter. From filling buckets with spring-cleaning products and baskets with cosy slippers for guests to hanging bikes on hall walls, a bit of ingenuity is the key here. The following storage ideas are a little bit different, which makes us love them all the more for it.

    1 Reclaimed shop cabinet

    While this towering unit is dedicated to a swanky collection of Louboutins, with each one neatly boxed and identified with a Polaroid snap, you could use it to store just about anything you need to keep in perfect order. What’s great about this set-up is that because of the glass fronts, it’s easy to spot what’s where, then grab and go – or in this case, totter. You could pick up a similar piece on a smaller scale at an auction house or go bespoke to create the unit of your dreams.

    2 Glass-fronted kitchen island

    Made of vintage cosmetics display units topped by a slab of marble, this multifunctional island is not only sturdy and roomy enough to prepare food on, eat on and do work on, but its vast glass frontage, with the orginal background mirroring intact, means you can easily spot where you’ve put your prized dishes, glassware, cookbooks – or cocktail shakers. A must for neat freaks, this is another piece you could track down in an auction house or at an antiques fair.

    3 Towering wine rack
    Whoa, how many bottles of vino can you spot here! The bon viveurs who created this ‘wall of red wine’ know a thing or two about choice vintages and wanted to make their passion for fine red wine a feature of their inviting living room. We reckon the modular storage system, which you can build up as your collection increases, is a pretty good use of an alcove too. No worries about running out of booze at the next party then…

    4 Fireplace storage

    Now this is a seriously smart way to get the most out of a retired fireplace. The perfect spot for a magazine junkie’s treasured collection – out of the way yet easily accessed – it looks good and means copies of your, ahem, favourite mag can always be close to hand when you need them for inspiration for your next building project.

    5 Inset storage
    Set neatly into the wall, this nook is the perfect place to curate a display of dazzling objets, prized art books, the kids’ trophies or whatever you fancy. A pared-back, anti-clutter dream that works brilliantly in a minimalist space.

    6 Headboard storage

    This is an idea bookworms will really appreciate – a discreet library of bedtime faves tucked away in a sleek, multifunctional headboard. Freeing up space and spelling the end of late-night trips to the bookcase, meaning no more stubbed toes, we like this one a lot.

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