Brighten up your space with Squint’s accessories collection

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  • No one has to 'squint’ to see how beautiful these objects are

    With the nights closing in and winter fast approaching, what better way to brighten up your interior than by introducing some new accessories and furniture?

    And if discovering the most vivacious colour palettes is your objective, there’s no finer place to look than British furniture maker Squint.

    Long a favourite of the team here at Livingetc, Squint has recently expanded its range to include some delightful home accessories, all beautifully crafted in the UK.

    We’re particularly taken with these cute Study bookends. Made from marble and priced at £500 per pair, the cherubs come in this discreet Grey as well as Squint’s signature brights such as Purple and Yellow.

    We also love these Atlas candlesticks, £440 a pair, also made of marble.

    In terms of furniture, Squint has pieces both large and small to covet. This Chicago and Kennedy sofa is available in two- or three-seater versions and in a variety of fabric options, including this Silver Silk, £5,000.

    This upholstered carved-mahogany headboard, £2,000, will liven up any bedroom, while the cushion, at £150, is sure to make an ideal Christmas gift.

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