Cemented in style: why every home needs a bit of tough love

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  • 10 ways to work hardcore industrial luxe

    It’s the heavy-hitting trend that’s giving interiors serious clout right
    now and the fashion for incorporating concrete in the home is holding firm. From floors and ceilings to
    bedrooms and bathrooms, here are ten ways to work concrete chic into your space…

    1 Roughed-up dining room floor
    The rugged flooring in this masculine space is a major feature, complete with distinctive cracks and scratches. Extremely durable, it’s wonderfully cool underfoot in summer and cleaning it is a breeze, pet lovers will be pleased to hear.

    2 Glossy living room floor
    At the other end of the scale, this polished concrete floor is seriously slick and acts as a bit of a looking glass for the good-looking design classics on show. Just the ticket for a minimalist glam space, it rocks a cool, futuristic vibe.

    3 Multitasking kitchen island
    concrete can work in a family home, this supersized kitchen island
    functions as both a work surface and dining area. The bold pops of
    fuchsia soften the look and make this scheme stylish and surprisingly homely.

    4 Cement seating
    These concrete-topped bar stools are an easy way to tap into the trend. They may initially look like hard places to perch, but with their gently curved seats, they’re actually exceptionally comfy to sit on. And note how well their soft grey colourway goes with the rustic wood cladding and smooth marble.

    5 Cracked study wall

    Thanks to an abundance of industrial-style diners, the trend for concrete walls is on a high. If you don’t have the funds to hire a plasterer to do it for you, cheat! Mural Wallpapers Cracked Concrete wall mural, £25 per sq m, is so realistic, the only way to get past the optical illusion is to give it a tap.

    6 Feminine bedroom wall
    Concrete may not be a material you’d automatically consider for a bedroom, but there are ways to bring out its softer side to help you sleep easy. Either commission an artist to create a pretty stencil on a concrete feature wall or take the easy route again with Mr Perswall’s Rocky Rose mural, above, £30 per sq m.

    7 Minimalist bathroom
    Decked out in a veritable symphony of greys, this heavy-hitting bathroom works concrete to the max. From the shower surround to the generous console basin, it’s a toughie to beat style-wise.

    8 Industrial lighting
    Tying in perfectly with this home’s urban aesthetic and working beautifully with the bare brick walls and stainless steel, this striking duo act as the crowning glory of this kitchen-diner. If you plan on apeing the look, just make sure your ceiling is sturdy enough to support a similar design!

    9 Garden bench
    Not only is this built-in bench a fantastic space-saver, but teaming it with a slatted oak screen and sugar-pink seating softens the look and brightens up this bijou patio.

    10 A handbag…
    Okay, so you can’t walk around with this particular designer number, a fun planter, but you can use this sure-fire talking point to grow herbs and flowers in. Or just sit back on your garden bench and enjoy its unique It-bag status…

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