Easy living room updates to transform the way you live

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  • Sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks, rather than a complete overhaul, to transform a scheme. Here are our tips for easy living

    Make a feature of it

    This living room scheme has been instantly updated with the simple addition of a painted panel. Use a colour that ties in neatly with your scheme for a cohesive effect. In this case the impact is doubled with a collection of favourite plates, hung randomly, but with a unifying motif. Small additions such as the painted ribbon are witty touches that add character.

    Rotate your collections

    Use your living room’s natural focal points as a means of displaying your favourite pieces. If the room doesn’t have a built-in feature such as a fireplace, create a focal point of your own with a striking console table or pair of bookcases. Rotating your displays regularly priovides an instant refresh and prevents a scheme from being too static. Vary height, shape and texture, but stick to a palette of two or three colours for a cohesive look. As well as hanging artwork, trying propping it too for a casual look.

    Add a bookcase

    Bookcases needn’t be traditional or built into alcoves. Instead try an asymmetrical approach. In this scheme, a wall-mounted case has a floating effect, painted white to blend into the room, though its shape stands out. Colour is added through books and accessories. To break up the repetitive nature of a book collection, trying creating ‘breathing space’ in a scheme by using some shelves for decorative accessories, again tying in two or three colours for a unifying effect. This will add texture and depth to a room as well as essential storage.

    Introduce a coffee table

    However small or large your living room, a coffee table adds a decorative and practical note. Opt for one that contains storage, whether it’s an upholstered ottoman or a generous piece with shelving. Glass options like this one are a good idea because they won’t dominate a compact space. Use it to display books, candles and flowers and place it close to seating. Moving your accessories around every so often will help to switch up the look.

    Update soft furnishings

    Updating a rug, cushions or fabrics can all have an uplifting effect. Try changing your cushions with the seasons opting for delicate florals, painterly prints and light graphics as spring approaches and heavier textures and deeper colours in the winter. Repainting wooden furniture, papering inside bookshelves and adding foliage will all help to freshen up your scheme.

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