Family time: 10 (plus) spaces cool clans will love

These stylish zones have something for every member of the family

What makes a great family space? Hot pops of colour, supersize sofas and tactile accessories are a good start. And it pays to remember that living rooms and kitchens shouldn’t be the only family-friendly zones in the house. So from hot halls to splendid studies, we’re loving the cool styling of these spaces. In fact, we want to hang out in all of them…

1 A fab hall

Everyone appreciates that first impressions count and you’d know you were in for a good time in this joint the moment you stepped through the door. For while the hallway has a classic black and white marble floor, its quirky Magis coat stand and fun Charlie Billingham artwork show it’s the work of a stylish family that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This…

…upstairs hallway, meanwhile, is a natural wonder and a delight for thrill seekers – Little Livingetc would be straight up those redwoods trying to find the Golden Goose. We, of course, would take time out on the chic stone seats.

2 A welcoming kitchen
They’re where we eat, drink, cook and, er, exchange our frank opinions. Kitchens are the heart of the home and we’re really taken with the rustic luxe of this simple Ikea design, with its inviting island, trendy bar stools, perfect for perching on to enjoy yummy family breakfasts and relaxed dinners, and roomy window seat upholstered in Designers Guild fabric. Just the spot to curl up on, no?

3 A cosy living room
With its comfy seating, casual furnishings and light, airy feel, we can imagine ourselves settling down for a no-holds-barred game of draughts in this room. After our defeat – Little Livingetc plays dirty – we’d want to retreat to somewhere like this…

…sublime chill-out zone. The soft rug, snuggly cushions and glamorous chaise are just made for vegging out on. We really are feeling the love.

4 A divine dining room
A great space for intimate family dinners and sleek enough to impress the boss, this dining room’s light-filled aspect and snazzy table and chairs combo is a winner. Plus, the table is big enough for tweenagers to get their heads down for some serious schoolwork, while you indulge in a spot of online shopping natch.

5 A snug sitting room
The perfect place to escape to when it all gets a bit too rowdy, this relaxed room has the feel of an upmarket gentleman’s club, with a toasty fire to snuggle in front of and acres of paperbacks to feed both young and old imaginations.

6 A stimulating study area
Working an on-trend industrial vibe, we reckon this space would inspire serious creativity in little ones. And with its mash-up of salvaged materials, it could be put together on a budget. But for something a little more slick…

…we’re impressed by this clever work zone, which has a spot for all the family and a cool blackboard wall for scribbling thought-provoking quotes, family rules and reminding everyone to keep at it with those projects…

7 A rocking kid’s bedroomOkay, maybe the whole family might not want to hang out here – though we’d be tempted to flop on the bed for a singsong – but Junior needs a space cool enough for his friends to want to chill out in. We reckon this is it.

8 A blissful bathroom
Functional and fun, toddlers, teenagers and grown-ups will be fighting for first dibs in this light-drenched bathroom. The Jeeves & Wooster pendant lights by Jake Phipps inject a dapper dose of wit.

9 A punchy playroom
A zone where the little ones can make as much mess as they like is the perfect recipe for family harmony. And if you can keep a beady eye on them to prevent any mucky squabbling over the stickyback plastic, even better. How much fun would the kids have in this space?

10 A sublime outdoor areaIn our book, a garden isn’t a garden without a hammock. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but a quiet spot to doze off in on a summer’s day is one of life’s unbeatable pleasures.

In our dream world, we’d also have one of these…

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