Hip Hamptons style (and how to get it)

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  • Top tips for re-creating East Coast chic

    Livingetc has a soft spot for the East Coast America style, whether it’s the modern nauticals of New England or the laid-back modern coastal vibe of The Hamptons. Trouble is, they’re tricky looks to emulate when you live in a brick semi. Or are they? Skim down, we’ve come up with a few clever ways to get that weatherbeaten, wind-whipped, salt-washed look, even if you live miles from the coast.

    Nothing withstands an Atlantic storm quite like a bit of weatherboarding. Use it to clad extensions, feature walls, or even garden sheds and you can almost smell the clam chowder.

    Nodding to outdoor style on the indoors is another way to give a coastal vibe. Here, clapboard cladding is used to create a relaxed, seamless vibe. Handy for creating hidden storage too.

    Can’t get any wood into your home? Fake it. There’s a host of very convincing wood-effect wall coverings available that are easy to use (replace and update).

    Another great idea is to introduce some weathered furniture, such as this bedframe made out of reclaimed timber boards – a sure-fire way of creating a coastal vibe.

    Don’t go overboard on nautical references, however. All those shells
    and seagulls are fine for Cornish holiday homes, but understated nods to
    the nautical life will say ‘beach retreat’ in a far more subtle way.

    We love this amazing en suite, for example. Check out the accessories dish made out of a giant shell and its choice of sponges.
    With the stripped-wood floor, plain bench and terracotta flower pots,
    it has all the elements of the great outdoors contained in one gorgeous

    Classic coastal colours, such as blue and white, will always bring to mind life by the sea. So go for Scandi-style painted furniture, aquamarine accessories and seaside stripes, then mix and match to suit.

    And just to bring things full circle, you can never have enough wood. Wood piles for the fire; timber-and-rope ceilings; wood-panelled vanity units; all conjure up images of chic, East Coast living.

    Just remember to call autumn ‘fall’ and you’ll be good to go, Hamptons-style…

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