How to rock the Greco-Roman trend

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  • What Julius Caesar, Hercules and the ancients did for us...

    As well as inventing philosophy, the Olympics and democratic government, the Ancient Greeks left us the legacy of architectural design. The Romans, meanwhile, gave us newspapers, a love of Latin and straight roads – and don’t even get us started on design! And despite our love of modern minimalism, we still keep looking to the epic inventions of these ancient civilisations. But then there’s something so classy about Roman numerals, chalky white pillars and cheeky cherubs that when used cleverly undoubtedly complement a modern interior. Ditto everything Ancient Greek. So with their fine proportions and luxe materials, it’s no wonder we’re still hooked on the classics. Here are just a few of the ways you can tap into the trend for all things Roman and Greek…

    1. Work the ancient with the modern
    Bust some serious style moves by repurposing antique statuary. You can pick it up for a steal at auction houses or charity shops and it will lend a certain gravitas to a study area and intrigue to a garden. We particularly like the wonderfully witty Hercules XIII universal tablet stand, £120, by Scott Eaton – a thoroughly modern nod to the ancient world.

    2 Invest in a sleek Roman number
    This sturdy but stylish Milano table, £2,089, by Morten Georgsen for BoConcept, is fit for an emperor. Spice up the mix with a few urns, a hit of marble and this Cupids Playing canvas, from £175, by Piat Joseph Sauvage and you’ll definitely be in the mood for a bacchanalian feast – or a family get-together…

    3. Max it up with marble
    This epic statement Globe lamp, £3,960, by Lee Broom brings the traditional stone bang up to date. Mount it on a plinth for a moody Roman vibe. Even crazy Caligula would have been spellbound by its gentle glow.

    4. When doing Rome…
    We’re loving the Roman lite vibe here. For while the furniture and furnishings are classic in form, the finishes have been kept soft and relaxed for ultimate recline-ability. B&Q’s Clouds wallpaper, £17 per 10m roll, adds to the languid feel. Now, where are those grapes?

    5 Now’s the time to really mix things up
    Mash up your design styles with a Grecian-style vase, Greek goddess bust and Roman numerals dice and even the humble cuckoo clock, £195, will strike a cool note. Tempus fugit after all.

    6 Dabble in divine decadence
    Create a boudoir fit for an emperor with a mix of symmetrical lines and lush textures. Team this Niccolo Sirigatti by Rodolfo Sirigatti wall hanging, from £125, with decorative corbel pillars and column-inspired side tables and you could easily imagine yourself languishing in a Roman palace.

    7 Work those column inches
    Who said you should never put your beloved pieces on a pedestal? From noble lions to stroke-worthy urns, these wooden India Jane Doric columns, £495 each, will show off prized objects to perfection. The relevance of the pigeons? Perhaps it’s a nod to the fact that more than 2,000 years ago, the Romans used pigeon messengers to assist in their military campaigns.

    8 Go head to head with your interior scheme
    Blend moulded forms, geometric design and classic marble for a look that screams timeless elegance. Make a huge impact by filling the awesome and surprisingly affordable Adan planter, from £33.48, by Teresa Sapey for Vondom LLC with a Roman-inspired floral display fit for the Coliseum.

    9 Recline – but don’t fall
    Its lines may be formal and ordered, but this swish Happy day bed, approx £5,918, by Antonio Citterio for Flexform is made for laid-back lounging. Emperor’s fave Rover’s sure got the right idea…

    Paula Rodney

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