It’s a wrap: Pepe Heykoop’s paper vase covers are a glass act

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  • Why recycle when you can remodel? Turn any empty bottle into a stylish vase with this chic, simple accessory

    We know, we know – recycling is a major occupation nowadays, but those empty wine and beer bottles seem so forlorn when they’re chucked into a bin.

    Instead, treat them to an after life with these fab Paper Vase Covers from Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop.

    Available now at Aram Store, each design can be shaped in myriad ways, then placed over a bottle, resulting in a unique piece of tableware.

    Even better, Pepe developed this project in collaboration with Tiny Miracles, a foundation set up to help one community in Mumbai break out of the poverty cycle and become self-sufficient.

    So, if you fancy Vermeer’s The Milkmaid over breakfast, or a selection of more modern graphic shapes, visit Aram online or in-store and buy a Paper Vase Cover for just £16.50.

    The price also includes a smart, matching A4-sized envelope, making the Paper Vase Cover a perfect gift.

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