Seven luxe living rooms with unique style

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  • Ever wondered what gives modern living spaces their individual looks? These eclectic schemes have bags of personality and demonstrate a few key themes in the art of decorating

    If there’s one space in the house that showcases a homeowner’s individuality, it’s their living room. From the artwork used to dress the walls to the choice of furniture, the décor will give an instant impression of the style and passion they wish to convey. We’ve chosen seven creative schemes that highlight the modern aesthetic.

    1. The conversationalist

    No distractions here – this room is all about getting people together, whether it’s for a drink, a chat or just to spend some quality time. The floor-to-ceiling picture window lets in plenty of light, but never becomes the focal point. Instead, the vast, plush sofa is the main attraction, enhanced by the circular rug that continually pulls the eye to the centre of the space. Minimal in design, it nevertheless speaks volumes about the owner’s taste and sophistication.

    2. The curator

    Decorating is as much about editing your pieces down to a select collection as it is about filling a room with everything your heart desires and this sleek loft apartment shows how to carefully showcase individual items. The artwork, for example, is hung so each painting has room to breathe and can stand out on its own. The iconic furniture is also arranged in a way that doesn’t shout ‘look at me!’, but instead lets the designs speak for themselves. This space is a masterclass in creative arrangement.

    3. The sun seeker

    Every day is a staycation in this bright, embracing space. Fabulously colourful fabrics and colonial-inspired seating and accessories give it a Raffles-like atmosphere. And who needs a veranda when there’s such an amazing view to enjoy from the comfort of your own living room? Add a few board games to keep everyone amused and your friends would be quite content to stay here long after the weekend is over.

    4. The individualist

    If some rooms are made for sharing, then others are designed for more solitary pleasures – this perfectly presented study area being a case in point. There are lots of pairs here – check out the matching artwork, the glass butterfly domes and the twin volumes left out on the mantel – but if two’s company, three would definitely be a crowd in here. This is the kind of room one might use to take a breather after a hectic week in the office, or catch a few zzzs after a blow-out lunch. And we all need a bit of that…

    5. The mood maker

    Instilling a sleek, sophisticated atmosphere is the motivation behind this carefully dressed living room. The low-slung sofa lets everyone see just how high the ceilings are in this apartment, while the armchairs in front of the window are similarly smart, but just as unobtrusive. As a consequence, all eyes will be drawn to that amazing piece of photographic art – a genuine conversation starter if ever there was one. This space is designed to create a sense of shock and awe as soon as you walk in – and we’re suitably impressed.

    6. The pamperer

    If some rooms have a ‘look, but don’t touch’ aura about them, then others positively demand that you dive right in and feel at home. From its faux-fur throws to the velvet and leather upholstery, this tactile, tempting spot is designed to stimulate every sensation. It’s a visual feast, full of soothing colours and offbeat finds, yet nothing looks out of place. And wherever you sat, you’d still feel like you were the centre of attention. Very clever and beautifully crafted…

    7. The humourist

    There’s a sense of irony in this room that suggests the owner is taking his or her good fortune with a pinch of salt. Yes, it’s a wonderfully rich period setting with outstanding detailing in the cornices and fire surround, but by throwing in some industrial artwork and playing with the scale and form of the lighting – ranging from purely functional to defiantly OTT – it lessens the sense of grandeur and heightens the playful mood. This is what contemporary decorating is all about…


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