7 signs that you and your partner are on the same style page

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    What’s the first thing you look for when you’re invited round to a date at your new boy/girlfriend’s house (other than checking out what she/he is wearing)? The décor, of course. The way we choose to dress our home is an explicit way of displaying our taste to the world, so here are the seven key signs that signify you’ve finally found your style soulmate.

    1. Their bike is just as attractive as their furniture

    Unwilling to leave their designer wheels to live outside in the shed, this owner literally puts the bike up on a pedestal. There’s also liquid refreshment readily to hand, plus plenty of storage to stow away helmets, chains and fluorescent vests. A very nice spot to compare tyre pressures, we think…
    Bespoke Hybrid bike, SplinterBike. Rio side tables, Giorgio Cattelan for Cattelan Italia. Spaces rug, Patricia Urquiola for Gan at Woven.

    2. The drinks trolley doubles up as a sports hub

    Even without a garden, urban sports lovers still like to practise their moves at home. So, to get into the swing of things, this clever fella enjoys sinking a few cocktails while putting balls around the hall. And who knows what other games you might get up to on this lush green indoor lawn?
    Chariot kitchen trolley, GamFratesi for Casamania. Studio umbrella stand, Method Studio for London Undercover.

    3. The sofas are big enough to play hide-and-seek on

    Nothing says ‘make yourself at home’ more than a sprawling sofa, especially designs like these that positively make you take off your shoes and relax. Add a few unusual floor lamps to kick-start the conversation and you’ll be bosom buddies in no time. You can even tie yourselves in knots with a double-length throw (leave that bit ’till after tea, though, huh?).
    Small Togo sofa and modular Togo sofa, Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset. Haden bouclé throws, Habitat. Totem floor lamps, Jamie Julian-Brown at Darkroom.

    4. They’re not afraid to show their old-school roots

    Ahead of the game, this music lover knew that vinyl would once again become big news. And even if the Boomtown Rats aren’t quite your bag, there’s bound to be some tunes among those piles of LPs that you two can groove along to. Pull Up To The Bumper, perhaps?
    Claude étagère and two-drawer storage unit, Jonathan Adler. Crosley turntables, Urban Outfitters.

    5. Dinner time is clearly special

    No chance of playing tootsies on the sly in this scheme – the see-through table means that every move you make must be timed to perfection. And with only three stools to set around it, it means that each vantage point will be suitably intimate. Just remember not to spoil the mood by bumping your head on those low-hanging pendants.
    Edge dining table, Patrik Norguet for Glas Italia. Imo folding stools, Russell Pinch for Pinch. Turku pendants, Ian Cameron for Cameron Design House.

    6. There’s always room for guests

    However modest their home, creative types can fix up a crash pad for friends in next to no time. This neat coat rail can be hidden away when not in use and the handsome valet makes a striking piece of furniture in its own right. Complement the owner’s style and maybe they’ll soon be inviting you to try it all out for a weekend.
    Dawkins valet, Conran at M&S. Clothes rack, Ferm Living.

    7. Colour combos to tempt the senses

    Don’t be thrown by that rack of neatly pressed pinks and blues, this pastel lover knows how to punk up a bedroom. That upholstered headboard can be stripped off for a serious Pilates session on the floor or left in place to provide a snug hideaway on the day bed. Will you be just another string on their bow, though? Only time will tell…
    Completely (Imperfect) day bed, Matthew Galvin for Galvin Brothers. A-Frame hanging rail, Matthew Elton for Ambrose at Heal’s.

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