Write on – why decorating with words spells success

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  • It's never been easier to indulge in a little creative wordplay

    Decorating with words is one of the easiest ways to stamp your personality on your space. From easy words such as ‘welcome’ in a hallway and ‘family’ or ‘love’ in a den to profound quotes, useful sayings, inspiring poetry and jokey phrases that won’t fail to make you smile – think ‘Pick Me!’ – this decorating device is fast gaining popularity in the interiors world. Whether you’re brave enough to get out your stencilling kits, feeling flush enough to commission an artist to create something spectacularly unique or are time-pressed and go for pre-written wallpaper or temporary stickers, there’s a lot of fun to be had with this one and, let’s just say, you definitely won’t be lost for words…

    1. The wicked welcome
    You’d know you were in the home of a warm host just stepping into this hall. It’s a simple greeting, but the fact that it’s supersized and in a cheery pink hue, means it would instantly relax even the most nervous guest. Variations on this theme include the rather lovely ‘Come On In And Make Yourself At Home’ to plain old ‘Welcome!’ – both of which make for the kind of greeting any visitor would appreciate.

    2. The glass act
    Having words engraved on to glass isn’t something you can realistically do yourself, but paying an expert to do it for you is a worthwhile investment as done properly, it looks fantastic. This simple downstairs cloakroom has been given a boutique hotel vibe thanks to the beautiful lettering on the window.

    3. The witty quote
    While this luxe living room is pristine and rather glam, the cheeky quote on the wall shows you’re in a space where the hosts clearly not only love life, but don’t take themselves too seriously. Along these lines, we’re also fans of ‘If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get’. Speaking of which – wonder if there’s room for one more in there…

    4. The plain speaker
    It may be just one simple, obvious word, but it speaks volumes. This is a space that sees proper sit-down family meals. Variations we also like include ‘Yummy!’ and ‘More Please!’ – above all, choosing appropriate wording for eating areas is something to be savoured.

    5. The hidden gem
    We imagine ourselves sitting down sleepily in this breakfast room, catching sight of the subtle message in the blind as we enjoyed our flat white and pain au chocolate and almost certainly having a chuckle. Far from lacking impact, almost-hidden words, quotes and thoughts like this have an edge because when you do realise what you’re reading, the surprise factor gets you every time.

    6. The storyteller
    While it’s not unusual to see ‘Sweet dreams’ above a baby’s cot or toddler’s bed, or ‘Whatever!’ above a rebellious tweenager’s, as well as the usual first names, we also love longer messages written in more unexpected places such as on doors, skirtings or even ceilings. And by inviting your kids to get involved in choosing the perfect word/quote – anything by AA Milne is always a winner with the little ones and what child isn’t inspired by Wimpy Kid these days! – you’ll definitely be encouraging a love of words…

    7. The thought-provoker
    We’ve seen a lot of bedrooms with words such as ‘cosy’, ‘love’ or ‘dream’, but this is a motivating quote if ever there was one! In the most beautiful, elegant script firmly placed above the bed, it’s a quote that quite literally takes your breath away and would have us rethinking our life plan before we nodded off.

    9. The cryptic one

    Wondering where the words are? This number is
    on a whole other level. Just take a closer look at the Audrey Hepburn artwork. Got it now? Yes, it’s made up of words from her autobiography! We’d like this painting in
    supersize as La Hepburn is one dame we can never get enough of.

    8. The easy one
    Finally, if you want to dip your toe in the trend before
    committing, there are plenty of homeware pieces that will let you do
    just that. From tea towels worth framing to plates with messages that only become apparent to guests once the food’s been scoffed, it’s easy to introduce wordplay into your scheme. We
    rather like this cute mug and couldn’t agree with the sentiment more…

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