You know your home needs a restyle when…

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  • Certain things in your home are difficult to let go of, but the time has come to be out with the old and in with the new. You can't hold on to that Union Jack cushion forever. Time for a restyle...

    1. Your fireplace is stacked with logs

    Although an interesting addition to a living room, it might be time to ditch the decorative logs. A log filled fireplace may symbolise the fire that used to roar on winter nights, but display logs can put a real dampener on a hot room. Instead, invest in a unique wall hanging, or an eye-catching piece of artwork, and leave the bark at the park.

    2. You’ve got a feature wall in every room of the house

    It may be a popular design, but there comes a point when your feature wall is no longer a statement but a style setback, especially if you have one in every room. Instead, why not give a little love to every wall? The prospect of having a whole room covered in a bold paint colour or wallpaper seems daunting but can really make a room feel complete, which makes an even bolder statement than those ironically repeated feature walls.

    3. Generations of shoes line your hallway

    Although tiny baby booties look adorable on Instagram, they don’t look quite as good covered in mud lined neatly in the corridor. Unfortunately, decorating with shoes doesn’t fit the criteria of stylish interior design (although it would be a fantastic excuse to buy them if they did). Instead why not try a console? It can add a beautiful statement to your hallway, and you can even keep your shoes lined underneath, if you just can’t let go.

    4. Pineapples are your primary decoration

    Somehow this tropical fruit has lost all taste. Carnival colours might add a quirky wit to a room, but five-a-day isn’t always the way. A pineapple is a tricky design technique to get right, and no matter how in fashion it may seem, or have seemed, it isn’t for everyone. That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate its colour in other ways, yellow soft furnishings can bring subtle sweetness to a room, without all the spikes.

    5. You’re constantly reminded to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’

    There’s nothing wrong with the odd motivational phrase, and ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ is as good as any.
    But when you’ve got wall art, cushions, mugs, and tea towels pressuring you into serenity, it’s time for a re-think. If you really love your meaningful mottos, keep them minimal and they’ll probably mean more.

    6. Your cushions are emblazoned with Union Jacks

    Union Jack cushions have had their stint in stylish UK homes. Once a staple feature of trendy living rooms, these cushions are ready to be replaced. You can still experiment with pattern, and add flare to a plain living room; maybe give Liberty a try.
    You might even find a statement cushion you want to keep for as long as that precious Union Jack.

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