12 epic headboards to give your bedroom show-stopping style

These show-stopping focal points are the stuff of dreams…

If you want to make an instant statement in your bedroom, a headboard is the way forward. You can, of course, go totally bespoke and commission your own creation – so far, we’ve seen headboards made out of revamped barn doors, supersized works of art and, only for the brave this one, mirrors! However, we think you’ll be pretty impressed with our top picks…

1. The natural wonder
There is a fantastical feel to this quite extraordinary live-edge headboard that would quickly have us dozing off to amazing worlds brimming with magic. A slab of freshly felled oak, we imagine it’s been lovingly handcrafted by a hopelessly romantic, devastatingly handsome (and single, natch) woodcutter…

2. The floral fancy
This fabulously feminine creation just oozes flower power. And in a smart, on-trend move, the bold black edging stops the undoubtedly delicate blooms from looking too sweet and instead adds to the glamorous boudoir vibe.

3. The black and white beauty
The monochrome look is given a twist here with this strikingly patterned, African-inspired headboard. And rather than creating a jarring clash, the geometric shapes on the divan and the bold polka-dot rug enhance the ravishingly daring scheme.

4. The Turkish delightA wonderfully intricate design, this exotic-looking headboard can’t help but hint at passionate encounters in steamy climes. It makes the perfect bedfellow to a richly patterned, red-based room.

5. The smooth talker

The cutout floral design on this luxe leather headboard injects this space with a subtle shot of decadence. Just add a flowing satin dressing gown and pair of marabou mules for pure star power.

6. The buff multitasker
Not only does the sheer scale of this king-size headboard make a big impact, but you can use it to lay out your outfits – and selection of, er, ties – for the next day. Meaning more time for you to laze in bed, then effortlessly grab and go.

7. The white wonder
It may be on the minimalist side and snow white, but this oversized headboard is a heavy hitter, with its luxurious padding and subtle seams, and wouldn’t look out of place in a fancy boutique hotel.

8. The fruit punch

This totally tropical offering reminds us of blissful capers under the Caribbean sun. An easy design to knock up yourself if you’re a halfway decent sewer, looking at it makes us want to order a nice cool glass of rum punch and relive the memories…

9. The floral frenzy
The intense, dark tones on this lavish studded velvet headboard mean it’s anything but chintzy. And it’s perfectly offset by the complementary supersized blooms on the bed linen and pouffe.

10. The Roman epic
While the headboard on show here is, strictly speaking, unshowy, paired with the Roman God-inspired wall hanging, it makes for a head-turning combo – and a boudoir fit for an emperor! Pass the grapes please…

11. The regal dream
We couldn’t help but smile when we saw this fabulously inventive headboard. The antique coronet and purple brocade number manages to be both intimate and cosy, while offering a healthy dose of wicked wit.

12. The dark star
With its dramatic mahogany finish, this brooding headboard has more than a touch of the gothic romance to it, making the towering four-poster the perfect place to swoon on when that much-longed-for proposal is finally delivered…

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